Cars can be stored for short or long terms in the warehouses

Car Storage

Situated less than 10 minutes from Perth Airport, we’re ideal for fly in/fly out shift workers, or anyone else needing a secure long or short term car park. Over 6000 sqm of carparking and undercover parking (warehousing) in Welshpool.



AGB Storage offers indoor or outdoor storage for small, medium and large vessels.

Caravan hardstand parking at AGB Storage


Keep your driveway free and your caravan secure, by storing it at AGB Storage.

All types of motorbikes safely stored at AGB Storage


Free up some much needed space in your garage and put one (or two!) of your motorbikes in storage, in AGB Storage’s secure warehouses.



Our almost 4000sqm of clean and secure private Storage Warehouses are able to house your precious items in storage modules to prevent the detrimental effects of heat, moisture and dust.

A large industrial drill press is one of the many different things that can be stored until required

Personal Items

Store your antiques and treasures in our clean and private Storage Warehouses – equipped with the latest security measures for your peace of mind.

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