Car and 4WD Parking

Situated less than 10 minutes from Perth Airport, we’re ideal for FiFo workers, or anyone else needing long or short term SECURE CAR PARKING or UNDERCOVER (WAREHOUSE) PARKING. We have ample fully-fenced hardstand for all manner of vehicles, and with full protection of CCTV and regular security patrols day and night. ( SEE OUR RATES BELOW ...CHEAPEST RATES FOR AIRPORT PARKING IN PERTH )

Car and 4WD Storage

With 4m high roller doors, we can cater for even the tallest 4WD or car with roof racks inside our warehouses. We also cater for Executive, Company and Interstate Sales Rep vehicles. Many of our Eastern States customers use us as a state depot for storing their vehicles and equipment, ready to go when their staff fly in. Long-swing FiFo's often prefer the extra safety from the weather to store their cars undercover, inside the warehouse (CHEAPEST RATES FOR AIRPORT UNDERCOVER PARKING IN PERTH).

FIFO Parking

Tired of paying huge parking fees and worried about flat tyres or batteries, missing spotties and badges, and general vandalism at airport carparks? We cater for FIFO parking ( both Secure fully-fenced Outside, or warehoused Undercover ) with the best rates for off-site parking within 10 minutes of the airport. We provide free transfers to the airport if staying longer than 3 weeks. All Warehoused ( undercover ) vehicles are trickle charged, and outside vehicles are battery/tyre checked every month. If they are parked for more than a month, we do start-ups and basic maintenance checks. Many of our customers make use of our Concierge Service whilst the vehicle is parked, to have car servicing, tinting, repairs, tyres, batteries, welding, detailing, headlight cleaning, headlining, paint/ panel repairs, or a myriad of other things done which they otherwise would not have time to do themselves. We are open every day ,by appointment only. ***** CHEAPEST RATES FOR OFF-SITE AIRPORT PARKING IN PERTH *****

Concierge Service

We have a Concierge Service for arranging log-book servicing, repairs, detailing/cleaning, tinting, window repairs, panel/paint repairs, tyres, etc, etc...
AGB Car Storage , Welshpool
4WD Parking and short or long term storage is available at AGB Car Storage
FIFO Parking and long or short term car storage is available for Perth Airport parking, with the cheapest rates in Perth at AGB Car Storage
Cars can be stored for short or long terms in the warehouses


Battery Trickle Charging.

FREE BATTERY HEALTH CHECK WITH EVERY VISIT !! Batteries are trickle-charged for warehoused vehicles and boost-charged as required for carparked cars.

Regular Engine Starts

Cars are started regularly and moved during their stay to ensure all moving parts stay lubricated and functioning properly.

Tyre Checks

All tyres on all vehicles regularly checked and maintained.


Fully secure and monitored with 24hour CCTV, plus onsite patrols and checks.


We also have a Concierge Service, so we can arrange for your vehicle to be serviced, detailed, panel/painted, have tyres replaced, glass repaired, etc, etc…

Car Parking and Storage rates

Under Cover (Warehouse) Car Storage Rates

BUDGET: From $10 per day up to 40 days short-term

From $8 per day Long-term storage ( From $240 per month )


Secure Car Parking Rates

BUDGET: From $8 per day up to 40 days Short-term

From $6.50 per day Long-term ( From $200 per month )


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