Steps for Storing Your Car Long Term


Ensuring your car/4WD/boat/motorbike battery is in good order with help it last longer, especially when you need to store your car for a while.

  1. If it isn’t a sealed unit, make sure the water levels are correct ( top up with distilled water).
  2. Make sure there is no corrosion around the terminals.
  3. Either disconnect the battery whilst the car is stored ( first make sure you have the radio codes, etc for when you reconnect the terminals ), or connect a trickle-charger to the battery. It is important on modern cars to connect the earth (black) charger clip to the car chassis and not the battery terminal. Some vehicles have positive and negative posts in the engine bay for connecting chargers.
A car left out in the elements can quickly deteriorate, so it is wise to store it in a secure warehouse like at AGB Storage, Welshpool


Leaving your car out in the elements can be disastrous with our extreme weather during the year. Your car will thank you if it is carefully stored inside a nice warehouse, like at AGB Storage, whilst you are unable to use it


Ideally it is best to clean your car inside and out, so that it dosn’t spoil ( if dirt, tree sap or bird droppings remain on the surface for a time it can eat away at the paint and stain or blemish it.

It is a pleasant feeling to climb back into your car with it looking smart affter a long stay.

If you don’t have the time or patience to clean it, AGB Storage can clean your car inside and out for a modest fee when it comes in, before parking securely it inside our warehouse .

1970's tyre for Ford escort rally car
Modern engine bay with many fluid checkpoints, such as radiator, power steering and windscreen washer levels are all best checked before storing your car


Checking their condition and that you have the recommended pressure in your tyres will help them last the storage period. If the car isn’t going to be started and moved whilst in storage, it is best to leave the car on supports to keep the tyres from flat-spotting.

Also check that the fluids are at their correct levels for the radiator, power steering, engine, gearbox and windscreen washer,etc..

Cars stored at AGB Storage are regularly started, moved and have tyre and battery checks and maintenance.

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